Tordjman Hebrew Method
The vowel symbols appear together with the letter and the
word, but no reference is made to them at all at this stage. The pupil, however, practices and memorizes them, and in time will grasp the different sounds with or without the shapes.

  This method is easy and efficient. For a three-year-old child, as well as for those learning Hebrew as a foreign language, the task of learning to read is made simple and  entertaining.

Tordjman Hebrew Method

Learning Hebrew

Shapes  Colors  and  Sounds
 An Innovative Method of Reading Hebrew

Children from a very young age are familiar with shapes and colors. Shapes and colors are the keys to this book. Through them, children acquire reading skills in a quick, easy and enjoyable manner.
    Research shows that when learning to read Hebrew, the vowel sounds are a stumbling block for the pupil, because they are more difficult to grasp than the consonants. The beginner pupil has to remember, in addition to the letters, more than ten different vowel sounds.
   The teaching aids which are introduced in this book make it easy for the pupil to learn the vowel sounds through five different geometrical shapes and five different colors. Even a young child can already distinguish between different shapes and colors.  Therefore, no extra effort is required on the pupil's part when using this book, because the shapes and colors are already familiar.
   This innovative reading method  enhances the pupil's senses, allowing him/her either consciously or subconsciously, to choose a shape and/or a color,  which represent(s)  different vowel sound symbols.
   The formula is:   shape = color = sound (the vowel symbol)
  The color and shape help the pupil learn and remember the different vowel sounds. By associating a certain color and/or shape with a certain vowel sound, the pupil no longer feels threatened by those tiny symbols. Concentrating the basic vowel groups into only five colored shapes makes the task of learning to read more enjoyable.
  The pupil learns to identify the letters which are shown concurrently on colored shapes assigning them their specific sound: 
א  (aleph) in a red square is pronounced a (car)   =    אַ or   אָ ;
                          in a blue circle,  ee  (sheep)       =אִי    or  אִ  ;
                          in a purple triangle,  e  (end)      =  אֶ  or  אֵ  ;  
                          in a yellow ellipse,  o (no)         =   אוֹ   or  אֹ
                          in a green diamond,  oo (pool)   = אֻ   or  אוּ.
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ISBN :  978-9657123027
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